Extol Lubricants has nominated the Ashdown Ingram Group as its sole automotive industry distributor for its automotive compressor / refrigerant oils and lubricant products. This has allowed us to have a national distribution network throughout Australia and New Zealand. We can now supply the majority of automotive workshops & air conditioning specialist throughout Australia and New Zealand as a result.

Please see the Ashdown Ingram store locator for your nearest outlet.

Ashdown Ingram is part of the Exego Group of companies, which also incorporates the Repco Australia. Ashdown Ingram has some 40 stores within Australia and 3 stores throughout New Zealand. Repco has some 287 stores, so Extols customer base is extensive and growing each day.

Our products are stocked in every Ashdown store nationally, and can also be sourced from any Repco retail outlet upon request for those retail customers wanting our products.

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